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The CQE in collaboration with LADECA possesses a range of advanced equipment which allows it to offer diverse analysis services, including:

Analysis of solids under controlled temperature and atmosphere by X-Ray Diffraction
Characterisation of materials by NMR
Characterisation of the surface chemistry of materials by FTIR
Characterisation of materials by thermal analysis
Determination of surface area and porosity by adsorption of N2 at 77K
Characterisation of porosity by mercury porosimetry
Characterisation of solids by adsorption of water vapour, butane and other probes
Ultimate (C, H, N, S & O) and proximate (ash & humidity) analysis of solids
Elemental analysis by X-ray Fluorescence
Determination of densities by pycnometry and mercury porosimetry
Determination of point of zero charge and surface acidity of solids in suspension
Rheological characterization of materials and complex fluids
Determination of thermodynamical properties of fluids
Prevision of properties by computer simulation

From the University's network it is possible to access the most important databases of scientific journals relevant for the execution of the services. There also exists the possibility of accessing patents and Standards.

Ask for a quotation or book a meeting to discuss your needs by sending an email to cqe@uevora.pt